Home Office Design


Every home needs a productive room or corner. A study room or office room is for when you work from home or bring work home, or for when you need a place to go through bills, mail or store important paperwork. Even the kids can use it to do their homework, or quietly play a game online. You may not have the luxury of a dedicated room to turn into your home office or library, so choose your space wisely to ensure some privacy and adequate storage. Take a look at some of these photos to help you plan your study room design. 
The right design and furniture will make your home office a place you enjoy spending time without distracting from the task in hand. Look for study room designs that can fit your electronic, furniture and storage needs. For any basic study room set up, there are two essential study room furniture items: a computer desk and an office chair. If you will be a frequent home worker then you will also want to take into account additional storage for more electronics in the home office design. 

When picking out your work desk, be sure to consider style as well as overall functionality. An oversized, sturdy desk, double-sided in dark timbers will look professional and go well with most styles. Invest in a good quality task chair – there are some great ergonomic office chairs at every price level that will help to compensate for our modern, computer-bound lifestyles. Also, storage and organisation are key to have a neat clutter free study room, especially with the bills, mail and statements you receive and keep throughout the year. The best study room ideas to store your papers involve filing cabinets of some sort. Add built-in shelves and drawers to arrange and keep track of staples like pens, pencils, highlighters, tape and calculators.


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