10 Ways to Bring the Vintage Look Into Your Home


With a few minor tweaks, you can now revel in the old-fashioned look for your home. These makeovers and remodelling ideas with the help of bygone accessories are all inspired from modern-day design practices. From vintage clocks and phones to bedazzling chandeliers, it’s all here!

The highlight of this living room is the swing, which is placed indoors rather than on the porch or the veranda. It hangs from the ceiling supported by decorative iron support. The Aztec paint motif adds a dash of colour and is complemented by a similar style of carving on the backrest. Cushions and a comfy mat are added to assure body support.

This modern bedroom by Moriq Interiors utilises the wall behind the bed to underscore the vintage feel. The iron and distressed wood photo-frames of all shapes and sizes are cleverly put together to create a unique accent wall. 


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