Get a Relaxed, Breezy, Light Decor In Your Home


What if I told you that you could very well be sitting in your apartment in Mumbai and feel like you’re in a beautiful beach resort? How would you like to come home to a serene space that invites you to put your feet up and relax as a beach cottage would? If you are a tiny bit curious now, as to what sorcery could lead on to this, let me tell you it’s no magic. It is the power of home decor. 

So what is beach house style? To sum it up, it’s a light and breezy decor style that draws its palette from the sea, sand, shells and the sky. It doesn’t matter how far the shore line is from your home, it is a style you can achieve even if you live in an apartment right in the heart of a city. Here is how.

Take cue from the sea. Cerulean blue, sapphire, navy, white, sea foam, beige, putty – they all usher in the sun, sand and sea into your home. To give your space a beachy update, think of changing the upholstery and giving your walls a different treatment. 

We love the shiplap walls in this dining room because it adds the needed punch to the already nautical colour palette. If you cannot shiplap your existing walls, how about a wallpaper that mimics the design?


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