Glorious Dining Tables That Serve Up Oodles of Style


The dining table is a place where you spend time with family and friends. It’s a place where we huddle close together, partaking in the essential ritual of sharing food. Here are some spectacular dining arrangements that set the right mood every day for joyous feasting.

As seen in this space, the sleek wooden table is like a blank canvas where different colours come into play. The dark wood tabletop is offset by vibrant green chairs, turquoise dinnerware and yellow napkins. The muted red rug contributes subtly to the colour theme, bringing in warmth and creating an inviting ambience.

In this image, a cream dining table is accented by blue and green chairs upholstered in velvet. A cluster of drop pendants bring shine and sparkle to this double-height spot situated in an open-plan living room.

Outdoor dining is a luxury in the city and if you have an indoor garden, courtyard or terrace, why not go for al fresco dining. Here, a simply designed double pedestal, wooden dining table along with cylindrical stump stools are used and there’s always room for more to squeeze in. The ambience is casual, with colourful candles, flowers and tableware.


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