How to Infuse Traditional Indian Elements Into Your Modern Home


Are you drawn to the quintessential Indian aesthetic and wish to bring a dash of it in your interiors? Or are you a homeowner looking for inspiration to bring in you country’s cultural references into your city home? How we do up our home says a lot about our personalities, tastes, and influences, sometimes brought in from far and wide. So if you want to add a hint of Indian eclecticism to your space then these elements are essential to your checklist.

A quick way to add a dash of India to any space is to bring in the colours, fabrics, and motifs typical to its culture. The country has such a rich history behind its textiles and crafts and each region’s indigenous products have their own very unique identity and look. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices that are out there, so it’s better to keep it simple. 

Consider using handloom textiles, such as the gorgeous Khadi or the exquisite Tasar silk, to upholster your furniture or for throw cushions. Simple cotton fabrics with classic patterns or timeless motifs like paisley can work wonders too, especially on curtains and bed linen.

Nothing says Indian more than jute blinds with coloured borders. They look great on all types of windows, and simple blinds go a long way in driving home the exotic look. Materials like these immediately add a rustic touch and lend themselves beautifully to a diverse range of interiors.

I have noticed that although most Indians love the deep and vivid colours of India, we are hesitant when it comes to bringing these colours indoors. Choosing wall colours that are unapologetic in their earthiness or vibrancy is another easy way of getting the Indian ethnic look you desire for your interiors. Better yet, try wall papers or paints with traditional Indian patterns. 


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