Beautiful Pools To Beat The Summer Blues


You know what’s great about a photo of a pool? Imagining spending a lazy day next to it, with a great book and a beverage. Home pools like these aren’t on everyone’s list because of their cost, space requirements and maintenance. But the thought of them is still pretty appealing. 

The following 15 photos are the most popular pool images uploaded to Houzz from January through March of this year, counting down to No. 1, as measured by the number of people who saved the pictures to their ideabooks. Each reflects an ideal setting for whiling away a sunny afternoon, passing a romantic evening or just dreaming.

A couple of kids splash around the pool in the backyard of this private residence in Utah County, Utah, an ideal spot for family relaxing. The bar spot and fire pit may please older members of the crew.

This pool, tucked behind a substantial Boston home, is surrounded by elegant landscaping. Lanterns near the lounge chairs and lighting set into the steps make this a suitable resting spot even as the sun goes down.

This pool overlooks a vista of Sonoma, California, which is home to many of California’s finest vineyards. The umbrellas are a definite necessity — look at that bright blue sky, without a cloud in sight.


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