10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom Niches


Our bathrooms are always smaller than we would ideally like, but they are a great place to employ niches. The scope of work is less (because of the compact space) but the result achieved can be big. Though we allot the tiniest space to the bathrooms in the house, they turn out to be perhaps the only area where we actually get some real alone time. Why not turn this private space into a blissful retreat? Why not take that extra step and put in details that can make this space stylish? Here are some ideas on how you can go about it.

Punctured niches in a solid wall are a perfect place for bathroom mirrors; you can tile them boldly and highlight with soft, indirect lighting to create a sublime mood. The mirrors could be slightly projected so as to give a floating effect.

If you have a fixed window in your bathroom, you can cover it with etched glass and treat it like a niche; you can even add glass shelves if you wish. The translucent glass floods the area with natural light and contrasts very well with the tiled surface.

Refresh your space by making your niche a centre of attraction. Just spice it up with bright bolts of colour; they stand apart in a neutral tile setting. This is a good way to bring colour to your toilets.


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