How to Prepare Your Home for Long Term Guests


Hosting guests is a responsibility and it is tiring. The pressure of entertaining, plus the work involved in taking care for them, if they stay longer than a short visit, can be quite challenging. Many a times, friction and displeasure arise after a few days of their arrival, when boundaries are blurred and crossed with the home spaces. Here are few ways to organise your home well so the visit from the friendly intruder doesn’t put a damper on your relationship with them and doesn’t topsy-turvy the comfort levels. 

Take a look at your house to see which all common areas need prepping for your guests. Easy access to necessary things and ample sitting space is the goal here. Some pointers that can help:
Keep extra slippers in different sizes at the entrance if you don’t allow shoes inside the house. Using slippers of the same colour and design but different from the ones your family uses will make it easy for your guests to know which one they can use.

our guests will be more at ease if they don’t have to keep coming to you for tea or snack requests. In the kitchen or dining area put tea bags, coffee, sugar and milk along with a few cups and an electric kettle or coffee maker in an easily accessible area. Keep a couple of jars of snacks (sweet and savoury) so that your guests can help themselves. A fruit basket on the dining table or at a convenient spot in the living room (if you don’t have a dining table and your kitchen is too small) helps too.


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