A Room-by-Room Guide to Lighting Your Home Right


If you’re building, renovating or looking for an easy home upgrade, creative lighting provides you with the opportunity to elevate the everyday to the extraordinary. 

For an aesthetic appeal, mix ambient (or background) lighting with decorative and accent lighting. Then enhance the mood of a space by utilising dimming options while keeping in mind lighting temperature or Kelvin. And note, warm lighting or 3000K (Kelvin) works best to create an inviting, homely atmosphere.

Add impact in the entry of your home with a statement feature light. Go for a single dramatic pendant or chandelier that reflects the style of your home. This crystal and gunmetal chandelier is the right scale to make a grand entrance to this modern French provincial home. A line of down lights beyond leads you further into the heart of the home, while a cluster of smaller lights also work well as a welcoming entrance feature. Be sure to choose designs that echo the architectural style of your home. 


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